Sometimes, getting to the gym just isn’t practical. Life gets in the way. Ok, this might be an easy excuse for some, but it’s an excuse nevertheless. With the AKLAAS Suspension Training Kit bundle however, you have no reason not to get that workout in. The suspension trainer can be used almost anywhere, at any time!

Aklaas Suspension trainers are essentially heavy-duty straps that attach to the top of a door jamb, wall, or ceiling, with handles at one end.

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To use Aklaas suspension trainers safely, you need to consider three things:

  1. Where You Anchor the Straps – Aklaas suspension trainers must be securely anchored to a door, wall, or ceiling. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you’re anchoring yours correctly. Failure to properly do so could cause straps to fall during use, which might lead to injury.
  2. Your Core Strength – While suspension trainers can help improve core strength and balance, they also require a baseline level in order to use them correctly. It’s a good idea to work with a personal trainer or fitness instructor the first time you use a suspension trainer to make sure your form is correct. A fitness instructor can also help you determine which exercises you’re ready for and which you need to wait on.
  3. Your Familiarity With Exercise – Suspension trainers add a twist to many traditional exercises. If you’re familiar with the moves when executed without a suspension trainer, you’re going to be better prepared to perform them correctly when using the straps. It’s not a bad idea to ease your way into a suspension training program by starting with the standard moves performed on land, without the added difficulty of an unstable, semi-airborne position

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Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Bundle


  1. INSTRUCTION MANUAL – AKLAAS Fit Suspension Training Straps instructions manual with pictures, positions and exercises included in the box;
  2. LIGHTEST SUSPENSION PORTABLE TRAINER = WORKOUT ANYWHERE– Aklaas Home Suspension Training Kit weighs under 1lb and allows you to set it up in under 1 minute and workout virtually anywhere; Hook it to any door, tree or beam within seconds and start your workout;
  3. NON-IMPACT – The beauty of AKLAAS Suspension Training System is that it eliminates the need for any bulky machines or weights. It uses your bodyweight and the overall impact of your workout is reduced by using gravity;
  4. BURNS FAT FAST– Aklaas Resistance Straps Trainer comes with adjustable lengths allowing you to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercises giving you the most effective ultimate bodyweight workout;
  5. 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE– AKLAAS stands behind our products & service with confidence! Our goal is to provide top-quality products that last and will meet or exceed your expectations. We use our own products and stand behind our quality&service with confidence, offering you 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!

Aklaas Fit Suspension Training Straps have been carefully designed and manufactured using the highest quality components on the market.
We have added to the bundle 5 resistance bands set as a bonus, to compliment the array of exercises.

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