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At AKLAAS, we stand behind our products with confidence! Our goal is to provide top-quality products, known for their durability.

We offer a full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if not satisfied with any of our products

GLIDE ON ANY SURFACE – Dual-sided gliding discs so you can use them on carpet and on any smooth hard floors!

WORKOUT ANYWHERE – Incredibly versatile, very compact and lightweight ideal for travel You can do your workout anywhere – at home or in holiday.

SMALL & COMPACT – You can take the sliders exercise equipment anywhere with you!

WORKOUT – Those small workout sliders can take your Abs/Core, Lower and Upper body to the next level. Experience the amazing effect of gliding discs exercises with few simple disk moves. Get a chiselled body, work your abs with simple exercises.

Core Exercises:
Knee Tuck, Mountain Climber, Pike etc

Lower Body:
Reverse tuck, Skater, Reverse Lunge etc

Upper Body:
Arm Slide, Sliding Push-Up, Arm/Military Crawl etc


– Each Core Slider weighs just 100 grams (3.5 oz);
– Each disc has a thickness of 1.25 cm (0.5 inches) thicker than most competition so that it won’t scratch any hard floors!
– Discs are foam on one side and hard plastic on the other;
– Each purchase is for a set of 2 discs.



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